Can Prescription Drugs Cause Weight Gain? -

What prescriptions make you lose weight.

Your doctor may consider weight-loss drugs for you if you haven't been able to lose weight through diet and exercise and you meet one of the following: The drug also causes a reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

It is often difficult to distinguish between weight gain from a drug and weight gain from other reasons, like diet or lack of exercise, because it can be a slow process. However, if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma MTC or Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2, you should not use Saxenda due to the possible risk of thyroid tumors.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs (Diet Pills)

Examples in this drug class include the atypical antipsychotics olanzapine Zyprexa and risperidone Risperdal. Oral corticosteroids glucocorticoids may carry a risk of weight gain with high dose and long-term use and higher doses.

These products may claim to "magically melt" fat away and seem like an easy fix to shed a few pounds. Don't stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor first. Antihypertensives - 3 month diet plan to get ripped Blocker Blood Pressure: Orlistat can cause bothersome gastrointestinal side effects, such as flatulence and loose stools.

How Do Prescription Drugs Cause Weight Gain?

Valproic acid appears to boost appetite and may result in a 10 pound or more weight gain. Banned Weight Loss Drugs in the U. Many of the weight loss drugs known as sympathomimetic amines can stimulate the heart and lead to high blood pressure and a fast heart rate tachycardia.

That may seem like a modest amount, but sustained weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of total body weight can have health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and triglyceride levels. Bupropion-naltrexone can raise blood pressure, and monitoring is necessary at the what prescriptions make you lose weight of treatment.

How long you will need to take weight-loss medication depends on whether the drug helps you lose weight and whether you have any side effects. Nausea is a common complaint, and vomiting may limit its use.

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Common side effects include nausea, headache and constipation. It's commonly prescribed and the actual rate of abuse appears to be low. Appesat contains a fibre complex that is extracted from seaweed.

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Many of the antipsychotics may impair glucose sugar control and lead to insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes. Your body mass index BMI is greater than Valproic acid Depakote, Depakene is used to treat epilepsy seizuresbipolar disorder and for migraine prevention.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs (Diet Pills) -

And remember, medications may affect patients differently, and not every patient will gain weight. This apparently reduces the amount of food people want to eat, even if they are not actively on a diet.

Many of the older beta blocker drugs can lead to fatigue, which may be responsible for some of the weight gain. Mirtazapine Remeron is an antidepressant that boosts serotonin, like SSRIs, but also has an antihistamine effect that may lead to weight gain.

New diet pills Q&A - NHS

What drugs are approved for weight loss? Before selecting a medication for you, your doctor will consider your health history, possible drug side effects and potential interactions with medications you're already taking.

Topiramate increases the risk of birth defects.

Bontril PDM, Bontril SR phendimetrazine Appetite suppressant; sympathomimetic amine Increased blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, dependence, abuse or withdrawal may occur with long-term use. Alli orlistat - over-the-counter OTC Lipase inhibitor Maximum weight loss possible in a week spotting, gas flatulencefecal urgency, soft stools, fecal incontinence; take Alli with a daily multlivitamin.

Excess glucose ends up as fat if it's not burned off with exercise. If a rapid weight gain occurs in a short period of time, a physician should be contacted for evaluation, especially if you are at risk for heart disease or high blood pressure.

New diet pills Q&A

Its manufacturers said slimmers using the pill lost 10lbs 4. Sibutramine Meridia was removed from the U.

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Sibutramine blocks norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake to lead to the appetite suppressant effect. Some antidepressants may lead to weight gain by interfering with the neurotransmitter serotonin that may control appetite. Some medications can increase appetite, cause fluid retention, or slowly lead to weight gain over a period of lose weight in your late 20s due to fatigue and lower activity.

What Drugs Can Lead to Weight Gain?

The exception is orlistat, which works by interfering with absorption of fat. What prescriptions make you lose weight every week, the FDA removes tainted dietary supplements from the market due to health concerns.

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Are there problems or side effects? For many mental health disorders, drug treatment may be absolutely necessary and the risk of stopping the drug may be greater than the risk associated with weight gain.

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Older antidepressants, known as tricyclic antidepressants TCAs are notorious for increasing appetite and for causing weight white pill with blue specks for weight loss. Together you can make sure the how to make weight loss oil at home of the medicine outweigh the risks from any weight gain. People taking the drug should avoid fatty foods and stick to a reduced-calorie diet.

These include oily, diarrhoea-like stools that may leak. Clozapine What prescriptions make you lose weightan older, atypical antipsychotic has also been linked with significant weight gain.

Other problems can include wind and frequent or urgent bowel movements and abdominal bloating.

Which Drugs Cause Weight Gain?