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In April, he formed a short-lived tag team with Mr.

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Black Bart and the Terminator were the other participants. They lost touch when Gray left the WWF, but when he had his heart attack a few years back, Traylor called how to lose weight if you are fat check in on him.

Order it from the SLAM! Boss Man was one of the first members of McMahon's heel stable, The Corporationand served as a bodyguard for other members, such as Vince's son Shane. This was the Boss Man's last push for a time, though, in the WWF, as he rarely got any major momentum behind him.

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The Boss Man's attitude began to change in the coming months of '90, though, becoming more focused on "justice" then "vengence". Boss Man then briefly feuded with Irwin R. I got my ass whupped and put in jail because of Bossman.

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But once he got used to you, he was always fun to be around, always joking and having a good time," recalled George Gray, better known as One Man Gang and Akeem. But I did see photos of the guy, he was really looking great for his age and is still really a strong guy.

He also organized a memorial in September.

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It seens that many of the old timers in professional wrestling have been dieing due to health troubles after they reach age 55 form what I've noticed. I never had an argument with that guy, I never had one argument," Rougeau recalled. On October 12,he returned to television with a new look, abandoning his blue police shirt 7 day diet plan to lose 10 pounds an all-black SWAT -style uniform, including a tactical vest and gloves.

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Today, Big boss man weight loss laughs at the irony of it all-he now works in a federal penitentiary, just like his old teammate used to. The two brawled all over the arena, eventually going outside and battling there as well.

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He had great talent. This proved to be only a minor setback, though, as the Boss Man later won the Hardcore Title from Mankind in a Ladder Hardcore match, after the Rock interfered.

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Paul Bearer then raised the cage, 'hanging' the Boss Man. World Wrestling Federation[ edit ] Main article: He and Rhodes were tied for wins in this series, leading to a tiebreaking cage match, which Rhodes won.

The Boss Man, angry, turned right around and took the belt back to Roberts, who had been left, handcuffed, in the ring. Traylor returned on September 1, now using his real name and vowing to rip Bischoff's head off. Both men were bleeding by the end big boss man weight loss the match, which saw Snow escape the series of cages and stay the Hardcore Champion.

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At the funeral, the Big Boss Man crashed in with his truck, running over the Big Show, then chaining up the casket and driving away with it. Snow then took out the Boss Man on a pool table and got the victory, regaining the Hardcore Title.

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The Big Boss Man was eliminated by I. Shamrock got revenge for his partner, forcing Bradshaw to tap out to his ankle lock, but then lost control of his famous temper and suplexed the referee, DQ'ing himself and making it

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