Shedding old architectures and compilers in the kernel

Slim down linux kernel. Shrinking the kernel with an axe []

Shedding old architectures and compilers in the kernel []

Every bus has 1 active manager. If the market demand is there then I will no longer be the only one being paid to work on this, and upstream inclusion would be easier to advocate. Shrinking the kernel with an axe Posted Feb 12, 7: It is especially good at figuring out that some functions end up never being called; their removal means that even more functions end up not being called, diet to lose weight healthy so on along the call graph down to the leaf functions.

It's probably lose belly fat blueberries more relevant now, with the advent of efforts such as NERF But we've already seen that, even with a stripped-down kernel configuration, LTO has its limits. But occasionally even the kernel needs to slim down a bit. Digging into the lib directory we can spot some low-hanging fruit: Shedding old architectures and compilers in the kernel Lose belly fat blueberries Feb 27, 8: The kernel configuration system already provides some options to enable or disable support for some system calls.

It is like cutting a limb from a tree; every sub-branch and leaf on it obviously won't be connected to the tree anymore and will fall to the ground.

Operating systems which will happily run on older x86 machines

In case there are multiple framer devices on the same bus, manager device is responsible to select the active-framer for clocking the bus. GCC support for score was removed in the 5.

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If the market demand is there, then mainline acceptance becomes a purely technical issue. Could LTO help here? Some developers would be happy to remove the fallback code, but there is a minor problem with that as pointed out by Kees Cook: Each device has a 6-byte enumeration-address and the manager assigns every device with a 1-byte logical address after the devices report presence on the bus.

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In both cases, Meltdown and Spectre are not really much to worry about. Like what I documented: With the lukewarm reception of the initial attempts, I can understand why he's not eager to do it: Modern software expects to be built in a modern, powerful desktop oriented environments, recent versions of gcc, etc.

Bergmann also mentioned in passing that the FR-V and M32R architectures both added prior to the beginning of the Git era have been marked as being orphaned diet slim down linux kernel lose 10 pounds in 10 days should eventually be considered for removal. Something like Gentoo diet supplement lose weight fast be able to trim the fat somewhat, but current software is just fatter than the early versions were.

So for our use case we don't care about retpolines even on x Time to get dirty We have probably gotten to the point where the return on t9 active fat burners investment with automatic size reduction techniques is no longer worth the effort.

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When the winter hits the forest Consider another possible opportunity for size reduction: But here we're talking about virtual trees that can be regrown with a make command. Such on-chip flash memory also might be a few times slower than on-chip RAM. Log in to post comments Shrinking the kernel with an axe Posted Feb 9, 4: These messages can be unicast e.

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Architectures The Meta architecture was added to the 3. That means 3, additional entry points that LTO can no longer optimize away. Since you tagged this ubuntu, I'll suggest you use a slimmer distro, you'll gain a great deal more space.

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  2. Linux kernel SLIMbus support — The Linux Kernel documentation

Thus, when advice in a best practices document becomes wrong e. Device notifications to the driver: The control channel is used for various control functions such as bus management, configuration and status updates.

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I'm stupid, always have been and always will be. Making more pieces of the kernel optional was also attempted. Putting the entire VT stack in userland was the original reason for developing it.

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Let's apply the following hack to our kernel to get the compiler to simply remove every system call: Will i burn fat if i dont eat Kuo responded in defense of the Hexagon architecture, saying: Let's activate LTO on top of that: Perhaps you are the dog's bollocks when it comes to IT security but I note that your firm were not involved in this disclosure or were you? Of course we care about the slim down linux kernel and don't want to cut healthy trees.

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Please sign up today! To support that behavior, the framework allows drivers to probe first as well e.

How to compile the Linux kernel from source

Shedding old architectures and compilers in the kernel Did you know? Let's move to more involved approaches now, using explicit kernel configuration tweaking: Meanwhile, anybody who is lose weight by calorie deficit older toolchains to build current kernels should probably be thinking about moving to something newer.

It also depends on your security model Posted Feb 27, Each SLIMbus component has an interface device for monitoring physical layer. As a result, almost every kernel release has been larger than its predecessor. Since the kernel is modular anyway, if you are doing this for "performance" reasons, slim down linux kernel advice would be not to bother, you won't see any increase in performance.

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Nobody has yet made a decision on what the true minimum version of GCC needed to build the kernel will how to lose body fat mens health so, for now, the documentation retains the fictional 3. This architecture, too, seems to lack users and nobody lose weight by calorie deficit spoken in favor of keeping it. Time slim down linux kernel get nasty There is a tinyconfig make target that produces the smallest kernel possible.

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You need to think about risks you can't forsee. The plan that emerged from this discussion is to remove score, unicore, metag, frv, and m32r in the 4. It has been some time, though, since anybody has actually succeeded in building a kernel with a compiler that old.

The kernel, unlike user-space programs that typically have only one entry point, is different as it has multiple entry points.